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        Taizhou Youneng Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd

        ADD:No.26, MaoFeng Street, XinQian , Huangyan , Taizhou, Zhejiang,china

        Post Code: 312080

        Contact:Ms vicky







        1:Which kind information need for quotation ?

        1,Sample photo with size or 2D/3D design

        2,Cavity quantity

        3,Runner type, cold or hot

        4,Mould steel type,P20, 718, 2738,H13,S136,2316,an so on.

        5,Injection machine parameter or plate size(tie rod distance)

        2:Delivery time in Youneng Mould

        3~15 days for mould design, 15~60days for mould production after deposit payment and mould design confirmed

        3:Payment Terms

        TT, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

        4: Shipping Type

        By Air Or By Sea


        One year guarantee

        6:Why choose Youneng Mould?

        Youneng Mould Factory is the leading plastic mould manufacturer in China,based on precise tooling, high technology and top mentality mould design.


        We are professional for mould design,our technique absorbed from Taiwan and Europe.


        All of our mould steel have certificate with longer mould life,mould produced by advanced equipment,the tolerance can reach +-0.01mm,the molded product have good appearance without any flash and good fit with other products.


        We always provide competitive price,because of we are manufacturer, we are the source


        Free product design&mould design 2D/3D

        Free sample delivery, 3 times mould test

        Every week update production informations.

        Mould one year quarantee,Mould full-life technique support

        TaiZhou Youneng plastic mould co.,ltd

        ADD: No. 26, MaoFeng Street, XinQian , Huangyan , Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

        Post code: 318020

        Tel/wechat: 0086-13736206058,

        Skype: vicky.zhou.123

        QQ: 2798299958

        E-mail: sales@younengmould.com